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Our Best Friends Deserve a Fair Shake!

Yearly, 15 million healthy dogs and cats are killed in overcrowded shelters in the U.S. and millions more are abandoned. Even in Massachusetts, the numbers are staggering and are into the hundreds of thousands of euthanized animals per year.

Pet shops: a big part of the problem. Many animals from pet shops are sick and many more die behind the scenes in animal mills and hidden away from the selling floor. And buying animals from pet shops causes more animals in shelters to continue to live lonely lives and be euthanized instead of adopted. To help alleviate this suffering, MARC works to close pet stores in Massachusetts. We led the battle against Woof & Co., a corporate chain that started in MA and planned to expand nationwide. MARC conducted an intensive demonstration campaign and provided witnesses for TV and newspaper stories about the stores' sick puppies and sickened employees. The chain closed in MA and nationwide.

MARC supplies the media with animal info. For example, MARC was contacted by the reporter writing the December 2004 Boston Herald articles on pet shops for info and contacts. And MARC submitted detailed written and verbal comments on the new Pet Shop Regulations under consideration by the state of MA.

Spaying and neutering saves lives! MARC fully supports the spaying and neutering of all companion animals and recommends that anyone considering adding an animal to their family do so by visiting a shelter to adopt an animal rather than buying one, even from a supposedly reputable breeder.

What you can do right NOW!

Please go to our Pending Legislature button above for action to take on pending bills in Massachusetts.