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Stop the Braintree Canadian Geese Hunt!

For the past 11 years, Braintree selectmen have approved a hunting season for Canadian Geese on the Braintree Municipal Golf Course. Despite public opposition and the fact that humane solutions are possible, golf course officials plan to kill the geese.

Plymouth Country Club, Boston, and Sharon, MA have all successfully used humane methods. Each winter, Braintree's poor animals have been slaughtered. After 11 years of killing, Braintree officials still fail to recognize that hunting hasn't worked to control geese.

Geese are monogamous wildlife and mate for life. Hunting disrupts family bonds and may drastically weaken flock health. Please help us stop this madness. Please stand up for Braintree's wildlife!

If you agree that it is wrong to kill geese, especially for golf or other sports, please contact the people and organizations listed below to let them know how you feel. Last year MARC organized protests against this geese hunt and received media coverage and lots of public approval. Let officials know you support MARC and are against the geese hunt!


Braintree Selectmen:

For More Information on Living Peacefully with Geese visit geesepeace.org

Charles Kokoros, Chair: 781-794-8124; ckokoros@beld.net

Charles Ryan, Vice Chair: 781-794-8123; cryan@beld.net

Joseph Hubbard, 781-794-8122

Darrin McAuliffe: 781-794-8121; dmcauliffe@beld.net

Joseph Powers: 781-794-8120; joepowers@beld.net

Susan Kay, Exec. Secretary: 781-794-8110

General town official email: bos@townofbraintreegov.org

Braintree Municipal Golf Course:
781-843-9780; info@braintreegolf.com

Patriot Ledger:
617-786-7026; Letters to editor: editpage@ledger.com