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Help Stop Farm Animal Agony!

Each year in the U.S., 10 billion farm animals are killed for food. Over 90% of them live in horrible factory farms, where they are overcrowded, neglected, and never go outdoors. Worldwide, 51 billion animals are killed each year. The suffering this represents is staggering.

A life of pain and agony. Hidden away, animals are abused and neglected in factory farms throughout the U.S. Female pigs (one pictured at right, in a farrowing crate), egg laying hens and veal calves are kept in cages and crates so small that they cannot turn around. Common practices include tail docking, beak cutting, castration, branding, and forced impregnation, all without anesthesia. Starvation for 7-14 days (forced molting) is routinely practiced on laying hens and its effects on these poor animals can be seen pictured below.

Unfortunately, their deaths are just as bad. Animals are dragged, terrified, to their deaths. They are often slaughtered while still alive. Chickens and other birds are killed without even the most lenient protections. Most "food animals" are killed at such young ages, that if they were our pets, they would still be called puppies or kittens.

Fish feel pain too! Fish and other sea animals die painfully of suffocation or, in catch and release fishing, of infection. Uncounted billions of these animals are killed each year in the US. For shrimp fishing alone, for every shrimp caught by US boats in the Gulf of Mexico at least four non-target fish are discarded. That's over 3 billion fish needlessly killed annually!

Unlike mammals, most fish lack the ability to vocalize pain, but many studies show that their sensory organs and nervous systems are just as developed. According to Australian biochemist Frank Hird: "It is unthinkable that [fish] do not have pain receptors. They need them in order to survive." Like all vertebrates (including humans), they have free nerve endings which register pain.

There are no guidelines or government regulations with respect to the catching and killing of fish. After being hauled up from the deep, fish experience painful decompression which often ruptures their swim bladders, pops their eyes out and pushes their esophagus and stomach out through their mouth. When fish are sorted on board, the crew use short spiked rods to stab and throw them into their respective piles. Afterwards their throats and bellies are slit while many are still alive. Fish die from many causes, including shock, asphyxiation, being squeezed and crushed by the weight of the rest of the catch in the net, and freezing on ice. Eels are killed by being buried alive in salt or chopped into pieces.When gill nets are used big fish swim through the holes and get caught by the gills or fins when trying to back out. Many suffocate right there while others struggle and bleed to death. The nets are often left unmonitored and trapped fish suffer for days.

To inform the public about this growing horror, MARC does public education and protests at restaurants and stores which support the cruelest of practices: veal calves, chicken, foie gras ducks and geese, and pigs. MARC also tables and leaflets vegetarian/vegan literature and hosted the New England premiere of Peaceable Kingdom at one of our conferences in Boston.

What you can do right NOW!

Go Vegan--for you, the planet and the animals! MARC considers the food animal issue to be of utmost importance and will continue to do whatever we can to promote veganism.

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