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Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition

MARC is a volunteer group that works to end suffering for all animals: "food animals", animals in laboratories and entertainment, companion animals, fur animals and other wildlife. MARC is the largest and most active animal rights group in Massachusetts, with over 3500 members. MARC's members range from grade school students to grandparents and are as diverse as the animal issues we work on. But we are united in our love and concern for animals and our belief that animals should not be exploited by humans.

What MARC does...

Every year, MARC organizes and participates in over 100 public events to help animals. MARC uses protests and leafleting, public educational outreach, tabling, talks, letter and phone campaigns, letters to editors, face-to-face meetings, media interviews, conferences, walks and marches, and legislative action to help end animal suffering. We also supply resources to Massachusetts student groups. MARC emphasizes reaching general public audiences.

We have organized and participated in protests and demonstrations at restaurants, meat retailers, vivisection and animal testing institutions and conferences, circuses and rodeos, consulates and government buildings, pet shops, sportsmen's shows, and furriers. The animals we have defended in this way include pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, cows, turkeys, wolves, seals, dolphins, all hunted species, lab animals (including primates), fur animals, veal (dairy) calves, companion animals (pets), and all circus animals. MARC regularly does vegan leafleting.

MARC has tabled at many venues and towns including EarthFest in Boston, at Boston University Bioterror Lab rallies, at multiple peace and social justice events, at MIT and Harvard, at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival in Roxbury, and at concerts and festivals across the state from Amesbury to Amherst and Northampton.

We are building a strong state animal rights coalition with one goal----to help people help animals escape the horrifying ways in which they are currently living and dying.

Why do the animals need us?

Every day, animals suffer in Massachusetts, whether as “food” animals, lab animals, unwanted pets, or as animals killed or abused for clothing or entertainment. On land and sea and in the air, wild animals suffer from hunting, fishing, and trapping. And because these animals cannot speak for themselves, we at MARC act as a voice to end this suffering.

How Does MARC Operate?

MARC is an incorporated 501 (c) (3) non-profit with tax deductible status. It is guided by a Board of Directors, Officers, and member input. All MARC activities are peaceful and legal. MARC has received national recognition for its work.

Members have a lot of flexibility within MARC. Each member can choose his or her level of involvement and the issues he or she wants to work on within the group. Donations are voluntary. We operate the networking part of our work on a secure, moderated, members-only group email list.

By working together on issues, MARC members forge friendships and bonds to help us in our lives and our work for animals. MARC is a true community of like-minded people whose love and concern for animals unites us and motivates us to create positive change for animals.

MARC's Mission Statement

MARC’s primary purposes are to promote veganism and to campaign for the elimination of animal exploitation for food, research, sport, clothing, and entertainment. Through peaceful legal public outreach and advocacy, we seek to educate others about animal rights issues and promote the understanding that animals are sentient beings and should be respected for their inherent value not for their value to humans. As an abolitionist group, we develop, participate in, and support campaigns that seek to end, not merely modify, exploitation against animals.

How you can help...

Contact MARC to join us in our work to help end animal suffering.