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Welcome to the
Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition

Every day, animals suffer in Massachusetts, whether as "food animals", lab animals, unwanted pets, or as animals killed or abused for clothing or entertainment. On land and sea and in the air, wild animals suffer from hunting, fishing, and trapping. And because these animals cannot speak for themselves, we at MARC act as a voice to end this suffering.

MARC is a volunteer group that works to end suffering for all animals: farmed animals, animals in laboratories and entertainment, companion animals, fur animals and other wildlife. MARC is the largest and most active animal rights group in Massachusetts, with over 3500 members. MARC's members range from grade school students to grandparents and are as diverse as the animal issues we work on. But we are united in our love and concern for animals and our belief that animals should not be exploited by humans.

Every year, MARC organizes and participates in over 100 public events to help animals. MARC uses protests and leafleting, public educational outreach, tabling, talks, letter and phone campaigns, letters to editors, face-to-face meetings, media interviews, conferences, walks and marches, and legislative action to help end animal suffering. We also supply resources to Massachusetts student groups. MARC emphasizes reaching general public audiences.